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UK energy policy is in a muddle and we need a clear s...

Matthew Farrow, 24/08/2016
Energy policy in the UK is bogged down with no clear strategy for the way forward, argues Matthew Farrow.

Invest in infrastructure to unleash the potential of ...

Steve Wooler, 24/08/2016
Steve Wooler, chief executive of BWB Consulting, reflects on the continued need for regional investments in infrastructure to release the country's full econ...

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ACE Agreement 2: Advisory Investigatory and other Services 2009 Edition, Second Revision
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The Retention Gap - What is it and how to tackle it

Infrastructure Intelligence


ACE's Benchmarking programme is designed to provide a comprehensive set of metrics to analyse all aspects of a company’s ...

ACE Complete Pension Trust

Automatic Enrolment legislation affects all UK employers. This section provides a summary of some of your key responsibilities ...

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A one-stop shop for all valuable information to manage your business efficiently and effectively.

Aston University

ACE supports & recommends this part-time Masters Programme in Engineering Leadership and Management.

Diversity & Inclusion

ACE recognises the challenges posed in embedding a diverse and inclusive culture and in response has launched an initiative to to tackle the issue through the launch of its report 'Diversity & Inclusion - Marginal or Mandatory'


ACE believes it is vital to ensure that its members are given objective guidance on the various possible industry impacts that will be incurred within the spectrum of situations possible after the referendum

Our Industry

Consultancy and engineering companies provide professional services across a range of key sectors including construction, energy, infrastructure, transport, and utilit...

Our Vision

ACE’s vision is to be the acknowledged single and unified voice of, and the trade association of choice, for every organisation in the UK involved with consultan...

Corporate Structure

ACE’s corporate structure supports the organisation's core remit of promoting the industry and giving a powerful voice to its members. Details of ACE's board, ad...

Corporate Plan

ACE promotes the critical contribution that professional consultants working in the built and natural environment make to the nation’s developing infrastructure....